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Business People just like you are DESIGNING THE NEXT STEPS for their business
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IGNITE 5 day Strategy Accelerator

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Ready to create momentum in your business and bring back the passion and profit?

This is your opportunity to act and make the decision to do some intense daily work in preparing to take your next step towards the business you've always wanted.

Less than 20 minutes a day.

For some of you this will be a chance to re-ignite your passion and re-design the future of your business, for others you'll just be getting started. No matter where you are in your business this program will help you find the next step and send you forward with a greater passion and focus than when you began.

What happens next?

Once you join - For the next 5 days you will receive an email each day. Creating time to complete the steps in these emails each day will be important to get the best out of the program. AND, while you will be completing the program across the next 5 days, the work starts right now!

If you're ready to do some honest and intensive work to change your situation then this program is ready for you.

Exactly what you'll be getting

  • A new way of strategic planning that you can learn and implement in just 5 days. Without prior experience.
  • Discover the reasons why you keep repeating the same mistakes in your business and how to stop now.
  • Can you really design a business around the things that you love to do? Absolutely! (Discover how on Day 2).
  • Daily Intensive Video Lessons that you can complete before breakfast.
  • Personalised Video facilitation from Business Strategist, Russell Pearson, who charges thousands for similar facilitated strategy sessions.
  • Discover how consultants have been over complicating strategy to charge high fees on Day 4, and how you can remove the complexity and save thousands in your business.
  • The ability to use Course materials delivered to your inbox each day, even after the program is complete.
  • The key way to achieve business goals, completed easier than ever before, by using the steps on Day 5.
  • Daily Q+A and Activity Worksheets make this program easy to complete, learn and implement.
  • Exclusive application access for the Forge program granted to ignite graduates only.

Designed for business owners that want to get back to doing what they love.

Accessible no matter your industry or business experience and at a price point to make it available no matter your country and economic situation.

What are people saying?

"I feel more knowledgeable and have an action plan to implement within the business immediately"

Carmen, Consultant

"Russell nailed it!
He was extremely knowledgeable, informative, insightful and the results were outstanding!

Jane, Marketing Specialist

"I find his methods insightful and motivating, and have seen great results within my business"

Mark, Landscape Gardener

Facilitator of the IGNITE Program:

Raised in a family of five boys, whether it was for the last chicken bone on the table or for the attention of the girls in the sleepy town where he grew up, Russell was born to compete.  

While other marketing professionals run from competition, Russell seeks to work with companies deep in competitive arenas. Focusing on competitive business strategy and creating tactical advantages, Russell captures and secures markets for clients rather than forcing their business growth into ever-shrinking niches. Russell helps companies thrive in these spaces and has fun while doing it.

Troubled by a world that has become apathetic to the courage and passion of business founders, Russell's mission is to re-ignite the spark of those courageous individuals and help them get back on the path of greatness.


This is your opportunity to act and take your next step towards the business you've always wanted. Fully guaranteed. We want this to work for you. If you don't find the program valuable we will return your money.

ONLY $94.00 AUD!
(Purchase Now and Do in Your Own Time)